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Standing in Your Power

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

I was in the recording studio singing through another take of a song that was all about strength and standing in your power.

“Here I Stand” words & music: Karen Drucker & Sloan Wainwright from Karen’s album “Joy In Our Hearts” ©2020 TayToones Music BMI Derby Disc Music SESAC

Each time I sang it, the band would be playing it bigger and more powerfully as I tried to match them in their intensity. “Here I stand in my power,” I would sing over and over, trying to convey that feeling of fully realizing my authentic powerful self. But something wasn’t feeling right and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I asked for a short break and went outside to put my hand over my heart and check-in. I heard my critical voice asking “What’s your problem? It’s fine - just finish the song and be done with it”! But when I got quiet I heard another voice - the voice of my truth. I realized that I needed a different ending to the song; a quiet, deeper, softer version; like a whisper from my soul- instead of a loud in-your-face kind of power. The kind of strength that comes when I know who I am and listen to my heart and I am not affected by what other people or society says I should be.

For me, it all comes down to listening and trusting my heart. Real strength, real power, comes from that place inside that knows who I am and when I get off track and forget (which we all do!), brings me back gently to that truth: that I am perfect, whole and complete just the way I am. And it is a daily spiritual practice, to remember who I am. In a society that bombards us with a message of not being worthy or good enough - I have to make time to read inspiring books, listen to uplifting music, be around people that see my highest good and keep me on track. When all these elements are in place I can stand in my power and people will feel my strength without me even saying a word.

About Karen Drucker

Karen’s message is all about healing and love – whether singing one of her positive message songs or sharing stories that are funny, inspiring, and heart opening. She is a keynote speaker, women’s retreat facilitator, and entertainer who has recorded 20 CDs of her inspirational music. Karen is also the author of the best selling book “Let Go of the Shore - Songs & Stories To Set The Spirit Free.” Her chants and songs are used around the world and often help people deal with illness and loss, or help them fill the need to feel more centered for the day. Karen’s intention is to make a difference by using her music to open hearts and share a message of hope, acceptance, and love.

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