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I AM; therefore, Gratitude is my Dominant Awareness

How dare I disregard or discount the multiple facts of discomfort, danger, and disappointment that have been a part of my life experience during the past 21 months? Am I that blind or oblivious to the facts? Or do I truly believe the biblical message that God created me, and God will never leave me nor forsake me.

The point of the creation story that is often overlooked is that God breathed in each of us and made each of us a living soul. The breath or spirit of God is the I AM. My body and all the external facts that are a part of my human walk just cannot overcome I AM. I AM is my essence and for that reason, gratitude is my dominant awareness. I AM, my indwelling God, provides me with a frame of reference that I use to see my external world. Therefore, discomfort is recognized as an opportunity to move on up, if even only a little bit. It causes me to turn within and seek the route to higher ground. And gratitude expands my awareness. I AM awakens my Powers of Faith, Imagination, and Strength when danger is lurking. With the use of these Powers, I come to an understanding that I can face the danger and move beyond it to a safe situation. And gratitude expands my awareness. I AM awakens my Powers, understanding, and zeal when disappointment appears in my life. I AM is able to take dominion over my thoughts and feelings as I recognize that God is standing under every situation. With this reawakening, I express joy and enthusiasm for my experiences as I change disappointing circumstances to fulfilling ones. And gratitude expands my awareness.

Recognize that I AM does not relieve me of my responsibility of living righteously, that is thinking righteous thoughts, only such thoughts as described by Paul in the Bible. I must hold only righteous feelings and let go of all others. I must speak righteous words, such words that I would want spoken to me or about me. Finally, I must engage in righteous actions and reactions only. However, as I LEAN on, LISTEN to, and am LED by I AM, I have the ability to live righteously, even if confronted by my “enemies” or even as I move through the valley of the shadow of death.

I AM guides me and supports me in living righteously; and, therefore, Gratitude is my dominant awareness.

During this season and into the end of the year, think on this writing!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours!

by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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