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Take Off the Costume

Are you ready to release emotional pain, fear, ill-health and walk away from all other limitations that are or have been a part of your life experiences? Limitations do not show forth the Real you. They are costumes that you have put on, perhaps inadvertently, but the limitations create the costumes. If you are ready to move into a new experience of an expanded Truth consciousness, open-up your mind with spiritual tools to take off the costumes.

In other words, abide in Truth, for knowing the Truth will set you free, if you live it. Wearing a costume, a costume made of current facts, may seem to be useful, convenient or may seem to be the only way. However, you have the Power and capacity to take it off, and you must, for wearing a costume moves us to

continue living from the outside. And yet time and again, we have been taught that to live a more abundant life, to live Truth, we must live from the inside.

The kingdom of heaven, all our blessings and gifts, and the living God dwell within. Therefore, truly living, or living as our Real selves, demands that we let go of the costumes. We are not to allow the facts to become the law of our lives so that we put on a costume made of the facts.

Living life abundantly demands that we maintain spiritual control of our five senses to effectively dismantle the facts, for facts do change. As creations of the Most High God, we have the capacity, 1) to hold the vision, 2) to know the Truth, and then 3) to manage the facts along this human journey. So, take off the costume and start living life more abundantly!

©2021 Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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