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Visualization: What You See Is What You Get

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Is there something you really want? Something that makes your heart skip a beat just thinking about it? Something so big, extremely magnificent and absolutely opulent that the thought of it takes your breath away? Now, close your eyes and imagine that it is yours. You can almost touch it, taste it, feel it. Now open your eyes. Unfortunately for most, after you open your eyes, you conclude that this could never happen to you. My advice to you is to merge your thoughts into a dream. This enables you to live out of your imagination and not your memory. Webster defines thinking as “to have in the mind; have as an expectation; dreaming as a visionary creation of the imagination.” This is the key to manifestation in its purest form.

We have received mandates regarding this readily available tool throughout the Bible, e.g., judge righteously, pray believing and think on things that are of good rapport. These are just a few verses that serve as ground rules. Henry Ford says it best if you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.

We have learned that quantum physicists have concluded that everything in our universal plane is interconnected and made up of energy. Scientists have also agreed that we have the undeniable ability to choose how we will respond to the events or dramas in our lives and this action survives as a conductor to attract items with the same frequency, vibration, to us. So how do we harness this readily available mechanism? The use of visualization, creative or otherwise, is the answer. Because this takes a little time, you will have to spend less time thinking about negative situations. Start by thinking of something you really would love to have. In your mind, create a scenario, a 2-3 minute video, focusing entirely on receiving this wonderful thing and the feelings you will have after you have received this thing. Commit to viewing your video several times daily. Sustained visualization will soften your resistance and increase your vibration toward your dream. Once you can hold this positive vibration, you will be able to taste, touch and experience the thing that you see so vividly.

Now you are probably wondering how to eliminate the unwanted drama you create daily. Simply stated, the process of visualization can be summed up as faith in action. We must diligently guard where we place our faith. Do you have more faith in “bad economic times” than in the Universes’ ability to fulfill all your desires?

Because living out of your imagination is easier than you think, there is no requirement to eradicate anything you are currently experiencing. The requirement is to shift your focus to what you would like to experience. As you spend more time “living in your imagination” you automatically decrease the time you spend “living in your nightmares.”

Give it a try and remember, life is too short to drink cheap champagne.

Dream Big.

by Stephanie E. Wilson-Coleman, D.D., Ph.D.

Stephanie. Success Mindset Mentor & Pranic Healing Enthusiast lives her inspiration as the founder of The Champagne Connection, Inc., which is dedicated to helping others transform their lives so they may live their dreams. Stephanie is the Host of the television show/podcast "A Sip of Inspiration, author of 4 books, the creator of the Ignite Your Inner Millionaire Conference, and a fan of the oxford comma. Her superpower: Transforming Lives. With her guidance, teeth-rattling, soul-shaking experiences vaporize at her command.

Author of Creating a Masterpiece from a Master Mess,

The Champagne Connection – P O BOX 87468, Chicago, IL 60680

Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn: @empowerdr

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