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To be priceless means having a value beyond any price; invaluable; costly because of rarity or quality; precious. Having worth in terms other than market value. This idea called you is more than what the eye can see. This idea called you, created by the Holy Spirit, is phenomenal. There is so much more of you, than what “we” can see with our human eyes. This precious, priceless gem called You is rich in substance, power, life, love, and wisdom. There is this Spirit, the spirit of God in you desiring even more of you to be expressed as only you (the priceless you) that God

created can demonstrate. All those divine ideas, divine gifts that you have within you, shine ever so brightly as your Christ Light for all the world to see. Can you see the priceless you God created? Recognize the awesomeness of who you are. When we say yes to the desires of our heart, we are saying, yes to the idea(s) God has placed in our heart and when we say yes to the divine idea(s), we are saying yes to God and giving God permission to shine ever so brightly, as only God can do through you, his priceless creation of love. Remember there is nothing, not fear,

doubt, or worry that can hinder the Spirit of wholeness, that priceless, irreplaceable you when you let your Christ Light, your divine self, the whole spirit of God shine through you. There is no price high enough to stop the priceless you.

Rev. Valarie McGee

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