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ReCreation and Wisdom

ReCreation has been defined as a process of redemption. It is a gradual transformation that takes place as a person pays the price and activates their Power of Wisdom to flow into their mind and body. Often, we want a new beginning, a second chance, and GOLDEN occurrences we have not had previously.

ReCreating is how we experience a new beginning, a second chance, and many GOLDEN occurrences if we will pay the price. What is the price? The price is releasing erroneous thoughts and feelings that we have appropriated and dropped into our subconscious over the years and replacing them by activating our Power of Wisdom. The price is ceasing to speak in an erroneous manner and engaging in erroneous actions or reactions and allow our Power of Wisdom to be a source of our words and our actions. It is a high price to be paid because the thoughts and feelings have created our identity and our ego, while the words and actions have become habits.

We will experience major struggles as we pay the price of releasing. We may find ourselves fighting our intellect, battling with our emotions, and even challenged in our physical body. Yes, it is often a very difficult time. Yet we have the power of dominion over our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and reactions. We can release and change all that is no longer for our highest good so that we can ReCreate.

We can do it by activating our Power of Wisdom through prayer and meditation. In prayer and meditation, we recognize and come into alignment with our indwelling Spirit. Our open mind and hearts are then ready to engage in the ReCreation process. We can begin again. We can use our “second chances.” We can ReCreate the GOLDEN experiences we desire in our mind where we nurture them until they are ready to come forth as our life experiences.

As we remain aligned, open to and activating our Wisdom, we will be given the ideas, directions and comfort needed to manifest our demonstrations. Go to or call 773-417-9595, if you have any questions or comments.

by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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