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Trust Your Gut!

When Beloved Most High knitted us in our mother‘s womb she purposefully knitted in wisdom. This wisdom has residence in our solar plexus. And she speaks to us often guiding us to our highest and best good.

Some people call it intuition. I call it the Holy Spirit…the whole spirit of God. You can develop your intuition through daily prayer, meditation, and active listening all day long. We are blessed beyond belief because we have everything we will ever need already residing on the inside of us.

Let’s activate our wisdom center this month. The Knower within you knows and shows. It knows how you are to be healed. It knows where your divine partner is and is orchestrating how you will meet. It knows your next move for your greater good. Save yourself some time and stress by “trusting your gut. “

Whenever you are seeking guidance or wisdom affirm often “I am guided so unmistakably right I cannot help it see my way.”

Another technique I love doing is writing a question and putting that question under my pillow at night allowing Spirit to bring me solutions in my dream time or whenever she decides to drop a download within me.

As you tap in, you are connecting with the subconscious part of your mind and when she joins in life becomes magical. We really don’t have to work as hard as we think we do. We have been giving Powers a guess to allow this life wave to be one of peace, joy, abundance, and fulfillment. And in order to do this, we must trust our God!

by Shaheerah Stephens

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