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The Choice Is Yours

One hundred million people signed up for Threads in five days. I chuckled while reading the headline “Threads meteoric launch” across the internet. People swiftly created accounts and began the frenzy of increasing followers and influence. Here is the conundrum, more people are hanging their status and worth on the number of followers they have instead of truly seeking to understand who they are by virtue of existence. We see the emotional havoc played out across the news every day. Our human community aches for connection and no App or followers can quench this yearning.

Beloved, you are endowed with wisdom, love, and understanding. That Divine spark

within you which comprehends is understanding. The spark within you compares not in the realm of form, which is the number of social media followers, but in the realm of ideas, such as wisdom, love, and understanding. Ideas are unlimited and always seeking an open channel. Openness comes only from you intentionally setting time to sit in silence, prayer, and meditation. Openness is the result of you nurturing and developing a true relationship with the Divine. By virtue of existence, you are rich in your potential to live the life you truly desire.

Unlock the gift of understanding by practicing reflection which reveals significance.

Study true evaluation, what reveals the right judgment, and importantly humility. Be willing to subject yourself to the Divine for guidance. There are really two ways to activate understanding. One is by following the guidance of the Spirit that dwells within, and the other by moving blindly ahead and learning from hard experiences. Which would you rather enjoy?

By: Shakira Taylor

Author, Powerful Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator

First Lady of Universal Truth Center in Miami Gardens, Fl

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