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Wisdom Leads to Living Purposefully

One writer wrote the “definition of Wisdom is the ability to connect your instinct,

intuition, and knowledge with the world.” So, to manifest wisdom, one must be present; and in the world of now, one must be aware, while using knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Wisdom shows up as the ability to see, hear, and explain Truth by one’s living. Living in the present, in the now, may be the only way to view wisdom, the only way to demonstrate wisdom.

Theologically, one definition of wisdom is an idea in the divine Mind of orderly

knowledge which we all possess. I profess, teach, and believe that we are born perfect, whole, and complete. Therefore, Wisdom is a part of our spiritual DNA; our responsibility is to be present in the now to see, hear, and explain Truth by our living. That’s demonstrating Wisdom. Wisdom is for us to live the life we were created to live. How can I be so certain that Wisdom is meant for you, for me? While we have often shied away; we have been drawn to a greater experience again and again, to a true purpose in life. We look for big in the present and we are not content with little. We have an expanding desire for truth, and we know through a quiet, but defining feeling, that we are being called to a purpose, for a plan that is unique to us! We know that while the external preparation is important, our existence is for something extraordinary and its genesis comes from within. So right now, I challenge you to admit it. Shout from the top of your voice, “I am Wisdom.” Recall your Truth, realize you are Wisdom, trust yourself, and proceed to live a life of your purpose.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

ShoVal & More NFP

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