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Standing in Oneness

Are the challenges of life tugging at your heart? Are you feeling a sense of uncertainty about what is next in your life journey? Take careful note, if you act without establishing yourself in oneness, then the chaos will result. What is this “oneness” you might ask? Oneness with your present reality, oneness with the rest of creation, oneness with the highest expression of you. How do you establish oneness? You establish oneness by engaging in a spiritual practice that brings stillness and calms to each day. Journaling, meditation, or even silence. Find a practice that supports your highest expression. In fact, take a nice, cleansing breath, and simply be still now!

Despite all appearances, it is important to recall that there is intrinsic greatness within you that is always seeking to emerge. Whenever you find yourself facing challenges and uncertainty recognize that an opportunity has presented itself for you to see how the Divine stands in the situation.

Invest your emotions, attention, and time positively, invest in knowing with your heart and the next steps in your journey will become clear and apparent for you. Know that this investment pays out dividends in you becoming a dominant force in the world. Taking time to seek deeper understanding is your daily assignment.

Stilling yourself to Divine understanding requires you to turn your attention away from the chaos and the difficulties of life. Instead, place your attention on the presence within you that can accomplish all things. Allow your mind and feelings to shift into a realization that there is always a spiritual law in effect and this Law is always working for your highest. It is important to remember that within all circumstances there is good, and an open, Spirit-centered mind allows good to come forth.

by Shakira Taylor

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