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Recognizing and Living Out of Our Power

We have come to the end of October. This is the month that many of

us highlight our God-given Power of Zeal. Zeal urges us forward and

enables us to ride through, or over, any challenges. With Zeal

activated, we rely on God, knowing that our Creator is our Sustainer.

This is such an appropriate time to call on our Zeal as the environment

changes to a slow-moving, no-leaves-on-trees, cold environment. It

may seem as if we are to stop, to proceed into an extended rest; but

we are not bears. This new season is for us to get busy pairing our

zeal with our Power of renunciation, to get all in order within our


As October comes to a close, we thank God for all of the wonderful

information that women like Karen Hall, Founder and CEO of the

nonprofit, Cancer Support Team, shared during this month regarding

Breast Cancer Prevention. Karen has inspired many women to tap

into their zeal in order to keep going. She has lived the Truth, “I am

Perfect, Whole & Complete,” and has been a lively billboard telling it

to the world. Thank you, Karen!

Also, we thank God for all of the organizations such as WINGS, South

Suburban Family Shelter, or Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline, 877-

863-6338, for assisting women who are victims of domestic violence

situations. Removing oneself from such a situation is HARD, which is

why I advise turning within to tap into your “God-given advice”.

Though it will not be easy, rely on our Power of Zeal to move through

and beyond the challenge; and rely on your Faith to guide your hands

and feet, to take your God-given action.

For spiritual counseling, email ShoVal & More, at

Rev, Dr. Jacqueine Triche Atkins

ShoVal & More, NFP

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