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Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God, Spirit.

In December, I celebrate God’s Gift to me, my Power of Life…not just because

December 31, is my birthday, but also, and perhaps most importantly, because of what Life is. As written in The Revealing Word, Life is that expression of God which

manifests as animation, activity, and vigor in us. How does Life show up in our world? It is the energy that propels us to action. Life is not in itself intelligent; it requires our

directive power that knows where and how to apply its force in order for us to be as God created us to be!

Life does not emanate from the mind; it is not a psychic or purely mental quality, nor

does it spring from the physical. Life is divine, spiritual, and its source is God, Spirit.

The river of life is within us in our spiritual consciousness. We come into the consciousness of the river of life through the quickening of Spirit. We can be truly quickened with new life and vitalized in mind and body only by consciously

contacting Spirit. This contact is made through prayer, meditation, and good works!

So during this season, as you celebrate, take the time, through prayers, meditation, and good works, to experience the birth of Christ in your life. And as you release 2022 to proceed into 2023, experience a quickening, again by consciously contacting Spirit through prayer, meditation, and good works! Let’s truly recognize and celebrate Life as our power that energizes our body, revitalizes our mind, and awakens our spirit.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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