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Joining with the Universe

It is a beginning with a clean slate and unlimited opportunities. This is my perception of this new year, 2024! Just as I am perceiving my world in that fashion, the Universe places a tool in my hand to shape, carve, and mold my life, giving me the perfect descriptors, ASTOUNDING AND AWESOME, for my world!! So I have declared an “A to the second power” life in 2024. The tool is the book, “Year of Yes” by the brilliant writer and producer, Shonda Rhimes. In using this tool, I truly do join with the Universe…Universe being God…because God always says Yes! Now the “Yes” may be given in a framework beyond our immediate understanding, but I am certain it is always for my highest good and it is a “Yes.” In Ms. Rhimes’ “Year of Yes,” she committed to saying yes for a year: Yes, to everything scary; yes, to everything that takes her out of her comfort zone; yes, to everything that feels like it might be crazy; yes to everything that feels out of character; yes to everything that feels goofy; yes to everything. Everything. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Using my tool, her book, I have begun to truly manifest my ASTOUNDING, AWESOME

experiences, all coming together to create my ASTOUNDING, AWESOME life. I am clearly reminded that my God has created me with Powers that allow me to say “Yes.” I am reminded that I am the Power that is able to manifest my ASTOUNDING, AWESOME world. Using my tool, her book here’s what I know: As I say yes, the seeds of personal growth are being planted and I am expanding my garden of goodness. As I say yes, I stop dreaming and start “doing my dreams.” Therefore, the invisible desires are becoming visible experiences. As I say yes, I stop striving to be someone else and I’m falling in love with myself again! As I say yes, I am shedding negative energy of all kinds, negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative actions & reactions, and most of all, negative people. Wow, what a fresh and exhilarating atmosphere I am creating!

Right NOW, I URGE each of you to do two things: (1) Read the book, “Year of Yes” and (2) Join with the Universe and say “Yes.”

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

ShoVal & More, NFP

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