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Divine Order Through Forgiveness…

I am regaining awareness of my true status!

I reawaken to my Understanding that I Am Divine.

I Am Divine with the Powers given by God. So…

I Am Faith, saying yes to forgiving me, releasing

blockages to my good.

I Am Love, recognizing forgiveness as a love gift to me.

I Am Order, taking one step after another to forgive,

learning all my lessons & gaining all my blessings.

I Am Power, with mastery, dominion and authority,

using my ability to forgive, to manifest wholeness.

I Am Will, aligning my will with my indwelling God, I deny

the power tied to any act as I forgive the person.

I Am Renunciation, by forgiving and eliminating all that is

not for my highest good, I journey to freedom.

I Am Life, everlasting life and I know forgiveness is a

continuing process.

Yes, I Am a manifestation of Godliness, forgiving all others, knowing

that they, too, are one with me manifesting Godliness.

I Am Divine; yet, having a human experience, restoration is required sometimes. So I thank God for the grace to forgive. I thank God for Wisdom and Understanding to use Forgiveness as a mystical pathway back to the awareness of my true status. I Am in Divine Order. I Am Divine.

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