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I Love My Life – Living Selfishly

This workshop is designed to support participants in powerfully and effectively making their needs a priority, improve their relationships with self and others to experience more freedom and aliveness by consciously choosing to live selfishly. You will be inspired to take full responsibility for your life and understand the limitation you’re living in current boundaries. Set yourself free! A better you equals a better world.

About Shakira Taylor

Shakira Taylor is a UFBL Licensed Teacher, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Certified
Relationship & Integrative Coach who supports individuals in mastering themselves through the discovery, reinterpretation, and healthy integration of experiences that blocks the expression of a healthy, inspiring, and purposeful life.


Shakira is the author of The LOVING ME Challenge a program designed straight from her heart for women seeking to master their self-love, self-talk, and self-care while opening their heart to a BIG love. Shakira describes her life purpose as simply “to encourage transformation and inspire the divine connection in herself and others.”

Shakira moved to South Florida from Jamaica at the age of 19 to continue her
education. By age 25, she had earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University; secured lucrative positions in corporate America, and purchased her first home.

In addition, Shakira is a Distinguished Toastmaster (the highest educational and leadership level available through Toastmasters International). She is a co-founder of Charles & Shakira Unlimited, a growing community of like-minded individuals dedicated to waking up and having an authentic experience with life.


She is married to author, integrative coach, Senior Minister/CEO of Universal Truth Center for Better Living in Miami Gardens, and native of Chicago, Charles M. Taylor. Together they reside in Florida.

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