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WYSIWYG: What You See is What You Get

Rev. Sherri James

We often sit in circumstances we don’t want, never realizing that the Universe is waiting on a plan from us. We keep ailments we don’t want, people we don’t like, conditions we can’t stand…all because we thought we were waiting on a Divine Deliverer. And, in reality, we contain the raw material for our own deliverance. Plan your way out of where you are right now. Don’t waste another minute sitting in a circumstance beneath your spiritual privilege.


Cancel, Clear, Delete!

Rev. Dr. Janine H. Burns

Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind according to the strength and desire contained within the thought. So what are you thinking right now!? Learn how to Cancel, Clear, Delete! any disempowering negative thoughts and be inspired to replace them with positive, prosperous, constructive ones.


Be Still! Get Quiet! Quit Trippin! It’s Just Growing Pains!

Rev. Dr. Evelyn D. Boyd

The average female is emotional, excitable, fearful, and expends a great deal of energy unnecessarily, and views everybody’s problem as one she should have a hand in solving. Could this be a “hand-me-down”’ problem that we can release using the information that we already have? This is your Season. This is your Time. This is your Year Of Golden Increase!

GOLDEN Solitude: Sessions 7-9

  • Hosted by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, President & Founder of ShoVal & More, Producer of The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference

  • Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, President of Universal Foundation for Better Living

    Karen Drucker, Singer, Songwriter, Retreat Leader

    Cynthia James, International Speaker

    Rev. Sherri James, Senior Minister of UP Church in Inglewood, CA

    Rev. Dr. Evelyn Boyd, Christ Universal Temple

    Dr. Janine Burns of New York, Spiritual Celebrant & Coach

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