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I Choose Me: Self-Care is a Spiritual Practice 

Rev. Cynthia James

This talk is for any woman who wants to live a BIGGER life.  It is for you if you are any woman feeling a call to bring their voice to the world, their community, their relationships or career.  The women we admire today got to where they are because they had a vision, they activated their creativity, they up-leveled their skill sets, and they dared to be bold.  They are not the exception.  We will look at a holistic approach to living a thriving, powerful and joyous life.


Embracing Your Inner Rock Star 

Stephanie Wilson-Coleman 

Our life is a constant ebb and flow that reflects our consciousness, our true thoughts and beliefs. Every choice we make teaches the universe how we want to be treated. Our financial wealth is directly related to our self-worth and our mindset around money.

In the “Rock Star” session, you will learn how to heal the limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck in your current financial state; how to reset your financial paradigm by learning from your financial dramas; how to use your five senses to leap into wealth.


Your Mess IS Your Message

Rev. Lola Wright

Consider that EVERYTHING that has occurred in your life up to this now moment has been divinely organized for your greatest self expression – your soul has called you into this time in history for a holy appointment. Every trauma, every drama, every triumph and every gift is precisely what equips YOU to be a point of power and purpose on the planet. This session will reveal the unique message that you’ve come to deliver.

GOLDEN Solitude: Sessions 4-6

  • Hosted by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, President & Founder of ShoVal & More, Producer of The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference

  • Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, President of Universal Foundation for Better Living

    Karen Drucker, Singer, Songwriter, Retreat Leader

    Cynthia James, International Speaker

    Rev. Sherri James, Senior Minister of UP Church in Inglewood, CA

    Rev. Dr. Evelyn Boyd, Christ Universal Temple

    Dr. Janine Burns of New York, Spiritual Celebrant & Coach

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