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Will You Let Go…To Get MORE?

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

Will you let go…to get MORE? It is a cleansing of mind (error beliefs) and heart (feelings) to create a smooth path to your GOLDEN increase. Ladies, will you intentionally release/reframe/cleanse your thoughts and feelings as an initial step toward deliberately “taking back your power” and creating a smooth path to your GOLDEN increase?


4 C’s to Seize Your Blessings!

Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen

God has blessed each of us and cursed none of us. To access these blessings there are 4 C’s that we each must forsee in order to access our blessing.


I Let My Big Bright Brilliant Beam of Radiant Light Shine!

Karen Drucker

In my song “Let It Shine”, I wrote these words: “For too many years I hid my light, thinking I was too much and who I was just wasn’t right. Then I heard this voice from within and up above saying “You’re here to be a shining light and give and receive love.” How many of us were taught as children to be seen and not heard, or when expressing ourselves in some way got the message we were “too much”? And yet we are all divine unique lights here on this earth to shine our lights and be all of who we are. Through songs, stories, exercises and humor, we will stop hiding our lights and like the lyric of my song says” We’ll let our our big bright brilliant beams of radiant light shine!”

GOLDEN Solitude: Sessions 1-3

  • Hosted by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, President & Founder of ShoVal & More, Producer of The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference

  • Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, President of Universal Foundation for Better Living

    Karen Drucker, Singer, Songwriter, Retreat Leader

    Cynthia James, International Speaker

    Rev. Sherri James, Senior Minister of UP Church in Inglewood, CA

    Rev. Dr. Evelyn Boyd, Christ Universal Temple

    Dr. Janine Burns of New York, Spiritual Celebrant & Coach

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