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Work Your Spiritual Muscle

Imagination. This word describes one of our many powers from God. I refer to it

as our “spiritual muscle” for it continuously gives shape, form, fine details, and color

to our unformed, limitless, substance. It is a projector of our potential. It is our

vision beyond current appearances. And we always work this spiritual muscle in

our minds!

We often refer to being on a journey to manifest our dreams. In other words, we

want to live in such a way that our dreams become our life experiences. That

outcome is all about how we use our spiritual muscle, Imagination.

Too often instead of recognizing our Imagination as what it is, a power, a tool to

be used at the beginning of our creation process, and a projector of our potential

that is a guide for us, we dismiss it with, “It is just my imagination.” We dismiss all

that we have so vividly seen in our mind’s eye! As we conceive of our visions,

instead of thinking or saying, “Wow, my Imagination is doing a fantastic job

initiating the creation of my next wonderful life experience;” we discount the

process. So we are discounting, or even, dismissing, our spiritual muscle. We are

thwarting our Power. We are not lighting up our Faith in God to believe that all the

goodness we imagine is ours to be manifested in our lives.

As we end this month of June, the month of Imagination, let’s start valuing and effectively using our spiritual muscle, our Imagination. Let’s remember that exercising that spiritual muscle is the first step in the creation of all that has ever been created. If you have any questions or comments, go to the website, to send an email.


Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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