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We Are Love

Every one of us wants love, pure and simple. In reality, people who behave splendidly, gracefully, wisely, and intelligently only want love. Even people who behave badly also want more love. Seeking love, what a quandary! It is a constant quest, and yet often we miss the ultimate goal of the quest because we are too busy trying to get attention in order to attract love that we don't even notice it when people are loving us for exactly who we are.

When will we ever learn to accept that we are love, that we deserve love simply because we exist on this planet, and that it is our birthright? We are the gift when we show up in the world. Our presence is the gift when we bring our best self.

In an instant, we can lose our entire identity, as happened to many during this epidemic nightmare, and what have we got if we do not yet know self-love and self-value? This is when it pays to seek the way to love and find value in the essence of being free of material possessions. It will reward your heart to remember this:

I am love right now, I am lovable right now, and I am acceptable right now.

I am one with God, and God is love.

Namaste...I see the God in you and in me.

There is only love for God is love. Breathe, relax. There is only to BE.

Rev. Sunni Boehme, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

SCoM Minister, Practitioner

Author of Mirror, Mirror...Grand Adventures with the law of Attraction. Now being made into the movie UNBOXED. Author of Diary of a Turkish Wedding...a cultural adventure. Co-Author of Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome and Emotional Wellbeing III. Transformation Coaching for 35 years.

8 sessions to transform all 8 areas of your life.

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