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The Power of "HAPPY NEW YOU"

"Happy New You” is the greeting that often follows after “Happy New Year,” especially

among New Thought Christians, during the early days of January. The greeting is a

recognition of a beginning. It denotes that something new about us should be

starting….but what?

Let’s look at the meaning of the greeting, “Happy New You.” The greeting is a

call to us to re-new our awareness of our indwelling God, what I call our “GOLD.” It is a reminder that we have the Power that can remove the layers of error thinking that have blinded us to our Power. “Happy New You” is encouraging us to RELEASE our self-imposed jail cells made with bars of fear, anger, hate, doubt, and especially with unforgiveness. It is calling us to be intentional, to make a decision to change; and then to turn within, activate all of our Powers to do the work and break out of prison.

The greeting, “Happy New You,” is moving us to RECALL (a)who we are…we are

the ones with an indwelling Power; (b)who God is, our Creator, our Source; and (c)what is our relationship with God…it’s impossible for us to leave home without God. Finally, the greeting, “Happy New You” is moving us to recall/rely on the mighty promises of God, such as “…I will never leave you nor forsake you” and “...all that I have is thine.”

The greeting, “Happy New You,” is a beautiful neon sign lovingly shouting to us to

RECALIBRATE ourselves. It is telling us to get back into alignment with our Real Self,

our Divine Self! It is flashing that we are in the world, but we can rise above challenges. As we truly honor the meaning of the greeting, “Happy New You,” when it is said to us, or when we say it to another, we shall be on the way to living a happy, healthy, and prosperous life in 2023! Happy New Year! HAPPY NEW YOU!!!

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Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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