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The Power of God

They came one by one, beginning late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning. I, along with my GOLD Rush Women’s Conference Team, had prepared. For months, we had held the vision of a sacred space of love. We had held the vision of a cocoon, a place where women could be vulnerable, where they could struggle in order to develop new wings. We had prayed. We had cleansed ourselves, for we knew that we must be what we want to see. During that time, we came into a renewed realization of the Power of God. It was revealed to us in mighty ways during our preparation period. We began to understand it when there seem to be no way and a door opened. We understood it more when conflicts were smoothed out in ways unknown to us. We understood it when no’s became Yes’s and “upside down situations” became “right side up.” We understood it when one local sponsor had to turn away, and yet another major company, hundreds of miles away, called to ask if they could be a sponsor.

Beginning April 19, they came. Nearly 100 women came from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, and California. Women who were 28, women who were 87, and women who were all ages in between came. Together Mothers and Daughters came. Women who were single, married, divorced, just in a relationship, or just out of a relationship came. Women who had four degrees and women who had no degrees came. African Americans, Caucasians, and Latino women came. They all came to mine for their GOLD nuggets to create their desired and deserved life experiences.

And then we saw it work! We saw the Power of God create the sacred space, the cocoon where women struggled and begin to remember that they were made by Divine Design. They opened up to the Truth, “I Am ENOUGH!”. We experienced the Power of God filling the atoms of the environment with love so that the women knew that they were safe and loved. We felt the Power of God as the women went deep into their souls to first forgive themselves and then forgiving others. We knew the Power of God was working when women used tools to release layers and layers of hardened blockages; and, as they begin to let their Light shine to dissolve the layers that were covering up their GOLD. The Power of God was at work as women begin to fall in love with themselves, again, or for the first time. With the Power of God women understood that whatever human form they had chosen on this human journey, they were really all the same. So they begin to communicate spirit to spirit in love. The women recognized that their transformation is a lifelong endeavor, as they inquired about the date of The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference 2024. Indeed, the Power of God was the alpha and the omega of The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference 2023. To God be the glory!!


Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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