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My Prayer of ElImInatIon/Release

Father, Mother God, I pray in thIs quiet moment of prayer – I release and let go of any thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving my higher good. as I connect wIth the cleansIng, purIfyIng breath of spIrIt, I come into communIon wIth the one presence one power; receIvIng divine guIdance for the actions I need to take. I surrender to the God mind that dwells inside me.

God, I seek understandIng, in faith, I belIeve and listen in the quietness, feeling the assurance of the one presence guiding and encouraging me. every step I take and every move I make Is guided by the holy spIrIt.

God, I get the understanding that, I am joy, I am life, I am kindness. In me Is the expression of your life essence freeing me from any limiting or negative thinking. Every cell of my being is a joyous release of pure energy and life. I cooperate wIth you Father; because you always know what is best for me.

God, I trust in divine understandIng, my eye single, I Identify wIth you and good you have prepared for me. I stay In consciousness of that divine flow. My thoughts are positive, any beliefs in fear or doubt that may wear me down...I ImmedIately release them to you Father and have faith that all that concerns me will be in divine order.

God, I move in divine understandIng, I forgive myself as I desire to be forgiven -- forgiving myself of all past worries, hurts, and resentments; forgiving everything and everybody that I may have held In bondage or held me in bondage. I no longer dwell on past remembrances or worry about the future....Father in thIs right now moment, I am opening up to my Indwelling Christ, the source of my freedom, and I let that presence and power come through me in my everyday living—freeing me to be the very best spiritual expression of the God in me!

I give thanks God, for the door that opens wide to the good you have prepared for me!

And so It Is...Thank You, God, Amen, and Amen! “I am Grateful”


by Janice Carter

GOLD Rush Team Member

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