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Mother's Love

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

It had seen many dark days,

Many hours with no sunrays.

And often the depth of the silent pain

played loudly in its ear, like a piercing refrain.

It had been given many tough blows,

Feeling the pressure of many's shovels.

Then the hard dirt fell away.

Faith was what it hold on.

God given strenth told it. "Not long!"

Its giving and giving, a smile, then a laugh,

provided the external polish that created its path.

Finally its sparkle could be seen from afar.

A glitter so bright, ti held you in awe.

Its reflection and clarity suggest one thing.

Mother's love is like an exequisite diamond ring.

Its thoughness is a protector of all.

Its prism cut allows God, in all pain, to stand tall.

Its brilliance provides wisdom to those who seek.

Its joy is forever and so is its peace.

©2003 Rev. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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