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Let Love Lead the Way

In the midst of chaos, confusion and darkness, there is always a light. It is LOVE!

Love, according to one writer, is the pure essence of Being that binds together the whole human family. In the book, “The Revealing Word, “it is written, “love is the power that joins and binds in divine harmony the universe and everything in it; the great harmonizing principle known to humans.” In other words, we do not have to get the light of Love, we are the light of Love!

As is the case with light that is covered up under a bushel basket, love covered up under fear, ignorance, hatred or any other feeling or emotion based on an erroneous/negative beliefs, is hidden. That light cannot be seen. It is as if Love is nonexistent. In those cases, the apparent difficulties or challenging situations presented in our world, seem to be the governing law. Quite frankly, they may be for a time; however, as with all darkness and all error, it is eliminated when the bushel basket is lifted. Likewise fear, ignorance, hatred or other kindred emotions may be lifted when they are recognized and replaced with faith, knowledge and Truth. Then the light of Love shines brightly within and reflects as peace, harmony and understanding in our external situations.

Removing the bushel basket, as well as, releasing fear, ignorance, hatred, and other such negatives will require us to do some “heavy lifting.” To show forth what we are, the light of Love, “the heavy lifting” that we must do is to open our minds and hearts to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit or the Divine, and then be willing to change. It means that we must be disciplined. To allow the light of Love to shine in every aspect of our lives, in spite of what is occurring in the world, “the heavy lifting” we must do is to recognize and utilize our dominion over our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions. Essentially, if we are to live as God desires, we must LET LOVE LEAD THE WAY as we navigate through the facts and situations that the world presents to us. We must hold onto the Truth that we are the light of Love. We are the light of Love! Let us shine, let us shine, let us shine!

Questions, comments, email Ladies, learn to love yourself even more, register now and join us at The GOLD Rush Women’s Conference 2022, “FROM SOLITUDE TO GRATITUDE…& BEYOND.”

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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