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Honoring Mother

The origin, the initial home, the protection, the provider, and the growth place are

all names that are synonymous for Mother. They are also names that are synonyms

for God. During this month Mothers are lifted up in a special way. They are

honored, given gifts, taken to dinner and so much more. This is particularly

appropriate since many Mothers are the origin of our earthly form, they are the

place where we reside and are protected, fed, and given all that is needed for our

human growth for nine months and thereafter; and other Mothers, who choose us

through adoption, foster care or loving care, they are our protector, nurturer,

provider of our home and all of our needs as we grow up. So, yes, we should lift her

up. We should honor her, give her gifts, take her to dinner, and do so much more.

The question that may seem to be irrelevant, but one that refuses to let go, is

“Does God as the origin, the eternal home, the powerful protector, and unlimited

provider, the only place for the growth of our Real self, our Spiritual essence,

deserve to be lifted in a special way every day? Shouldn’t we honor God, give gifts to God, and do so much more every day? Our Spiritual self is that which is made in the image of God. It is that that makes each of us a living soul. It allows us to direct and enjoy the human experience. So yes, we are to honor God for His protection,

guidance, and comfort which is described in the 23rd Psalm.

What does honoring God have to do with Mother’s Day? Honoring Mother is honoring God by showing honor to the way provided for us to come to live God’s purpose on earth; and/or the way we are to be cared for as we live God’s purpose on earth. God is love and love is to be reflected as action. Honoring our Mother is giving God one of our greatest gifts, love. Honoring our Mother is recognizing and being thankful to God. Giving gifts to our Mother is giving gifts of appreciation to God. Taking our Mother to dinner is one way we demonstrate that we have appropriated the substance of God and are living in love.

God, Mother, yes both, are to be lifted up and honored, for they are integrally

connected for our highest good! Thank you, God! Thank you, Mothers, everywhere!

On a personal note, I send love and a special Thank you to my Mother who is now

orchestrating with God for my highest good from the “other side.”

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

ShoVal & More, NFP

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