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From Your Imagination to Your Life

Of course, imagination is the beginning of creation. Without imagination, there can be no creation. - Pearl S. Buck

There is a Power we are born with, it is our Imagination. The Imagination can be viewed in different ways. Yet, no matter how it is viewed, its task is the same. Our Imagination provides a way for ideas, in words or pictures, to come to us. Spiritually, we say that God communicates with us through ideas; and desires in our Imagination reflect God knocking on our door with a blessing in hand. The quest is to make my desire a manifested part of my life experiences. HOW? Glad that you asked! There are several steps to be followed in the production of a manifested desire.

First, DECIDE YES! Do not be unstable or double-minded when you think about your desire. Focus on it and expect it.

Second, ASK! To ask is to make a demand on the Universe(God). It is as if you are asking for the coat you checked at an event. You ask with a firm expectation, knowing that it will be brought to you.

Third, LOVE! Loving your desire and loving yourself will create an environment in your mind and in your world that attracts to you all that is necessary for your desire to become a part of your life.

Fourth, FAITH! Activate your Faith in your desire and in the Universe (God) to provide you with all that you need to manifest your desire.

Fifth, LISTEN! Be still to hear God. Consistently pray, meditate, and go in the silence to commune with God.

Sixth, WORK! on your desire as directed by God.

Seventh, REST! After you have done all that you are to do, rest, let go and let God until you receive further directions.

Finally, wrap your process with GRATITUDE! Thank God for the desire. Thank God for the process. Thank God for clarity along the way. Thank God for the outcome, with no attachment. Thank, God!

Readers, if you have an experience of bringing your desire from your Imagination to your life, write to us about it. You never know who may be blessed by reading about your experience.

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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