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Divine Order

When things appear to be going wrong, when you need to know what to do, when you’re feeling discouraged, when you don’t know what to say, when your world seems in total chaos, when you are anxious or fearful, when you need comfort and reassurance, or greater confidence or understanding, in regard to anything in your life. STOP!!! Take some deep breaths, and affirm, “Everything in my mind, in my body, in my affairs, in my relationships, and in my world is in Divine Order. I am one with the source of all good – God. The Infinite Intelligence and Wisdom of God is at work in me, through me, and as me; All is well!” Speak the words with all the conviction and feeling you can muster. Affirming Divine Order helps to establish balance, harmony, right sequence, and divine timing. Trust the presence of God within you to give you the right ideas to solve anything in your life. Trust God to illumine your mind. Trust God to heal your body. Trust God to show you how to handle your business. Trust God to free you from agitation or irritation regarding the attitudes of others. Trust God to release you from limiting habits or relationships. Remember, “ …the Father that dwells within me, he does the work.”

“Invite Divine Order into your life today and a more serene tomorrow will unfold.” Sarah Ban Breathnath

Rev. Dolores Voorhees

Minister, Speaker, Workshop Leader, & Teacher

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