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Changes Are AWESOME!

Neale Donald Walsch has written a book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything.” Much wisdom poured through him onto the pages of this book.

Reading it following the multitude of changes that occurred over the past 2 plus years was truly a blessing. It enabled me to recall the truth that

  1. God is everpresent, perhaps very quiet, but present;

  2. There is always Divine Order even in what appears to be chaos; and,

  3. In the midst of change, stop, look within and listen to the still small voice to identify what you are being called to change in your life and in the world.

These insights have been a guiding light for me, as I, in a renewed manner, am recognizing, tapping into,

and living out of my intrinsic greatness. I am REMEMBERING that intrinsic greatness is mine, as it is yours, to use, to live purposefully all for God’s glory. So, I am inviting each of you to stop, look within and listen to determine what changes your indwelling God is calling for you to make.

Finally, I am encouraging you to keep on the lookout for the great changes that will be taking place with ShoVal & More, NFP, the nonprofit that provides spiritual counseling, classes, workshops, and the annual GOLD Rush Women’s Conference. These changes are indeed our stairsteps to the next level. COME WITH US TO THAT ELEVATED LIVING!

REMEMBER TO MAKE A GOLDEN DAY, you have the Power!

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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