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Celebrating HER Truth

In the biblical passage, John 4:1-26, the Master Teacher arrives at a well after a

lengthy walk. He is hot. He is thirsty. A Samaritan woman comes up to the well and

Jesus asks that she give him some water. Because of the cultural customs of that time, rarely would a Jewish man (Jesus) speak to a Samaritan woman. And certainly, he would not ask that she give him something to drink. Yet Jesus did and a conversation ensued. When the woman, reflecting on customs, asked how could he speak to her, he responded, if you knew who I was, you would ask me for water and you would never thirst again. Jesus confronted her with the issues that had plagued her life and she responded honestly. Following that exchange, for the first time in Scripture, Jesus said that he was the Messiah. He taught her that she must turn to God as her Source for a good life and not rely on things or people.

Reading this passage from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective, it is a perfect

passage to understand the Truth about ourselves as we celebrate Women’s History

Month. The Master Teacher, representing the Higher Self or our indwelling God (of

each of us) is saying, “ get your strength and nourishment from Me.” Just as we are

taught today that we are to live following the dictates of our Higher Self if peace and blessings are to be ours. Yet as the Samaritan woman did, we question this advice being influenced by circumstances and external experiences, such as when we are told we are not good enough, not educated enough, or not accepted. We give those opinions or other negatives power over us. We do not honor and celebrate our Higher Self. Think of it like this: Our Higher Self says to our conscious mind “if you understood, you would look within for your gifts, talents, and for your guide as to how to use all that you are. You would never thirst for Truth, you have it. You would never thirst for acceptance, you are accepted. You would never thirst for the capacity to achieve, for you already have the capacity to achieve.” Living from your Higher Self, you are forever fulfilled.

That is what women during this month, Women’s History Month, are being reminded

to do. We are being reminded to celebrate and live from the Strength of our Higher

Self. This month, we are applauding women from the past that lived from their Higher Self, from their intrinsic greatness, and from their Strength. We are reading about women who today are living from their Higher Self, from their intrinsic greatness, from their Strength. So right now, I am encouraging each woman to look at the woman in the mirror and to commit to her that she will celebrate her Truth by living from her Higher Self; that she will celebrate her Truth by living from her intrinsic greatness; that she will celebrate her Truth by living from her Strength.



Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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