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Are You in Danger or Dangerous?

“To live outside of God’s will puts us in danger; to live in God’s will makes us dangerous.” - Erwin McManus

That quote is another way of proclaiming that God’s will for us is absolute good. God’s will for us is success in every area of our life. It is pure joy as our daily mood, it is loving relationships, financial prosperity, and health and wholeness in our bodies and minds. Yes, we are dangerous! Our personal will in alignment with God’s will makes us able to take on any and everything while consistently manifesting our blessings.

However, as we make choices moving out of God’s will, our personal will becomes misaligned, and we place ourselves in danger. What is the danger? The danger is the shift in our perception. We view our failing as a shortcoming instead of a learning opportunity. What is the danger? The danger is our succumbing to erroneous beliefs, shifting from ‘Yes I can” and “Yes I will” to fear and self-doubt. What is the danger? The danger is our emotions being based on erroneous feelings. So instead of joy, we harbor sorrow. Instead of love, we hold judgment. Instead of peace, we experience discord

Jennifer Lopez said, “…You just have to know who you are and what you stand for.” That is Truth! Through prayer and meditation, I can know that I am a being made in the image likeness of God, so my blessings will flow as I live that Truth. How do I live my Truth? I make choices that place my personal will in alignment with the will of my indwelling God!

by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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