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A Renewed Realization of Strength

As you read this article, prepare to walk through your door.

With eyes wide open, relax, relax, relax your face muscles, relax your shoulder muscles….relax ….and in this relaxed state, I invite you to knock on the door of your heart. it’s opening! Now relax intentionally in the presence of God.

God, thank you for creating me in your image. You are Strength and I am Strength. I call on you, my indwelling God, the Christ, to awaken Strength that is me and expresses through me. I want to come to a renewed realization of my Truth, that I am Strength.

God, let me realize that I draw inner peace and stillness because I am Strength.

God, let me know myself as Strength… achieving balance between my thoughts and actions, using Truth to negate all error thoughts and to guide my actions

God, let me understand that as Strength, I can be patient, tolerant, to see through personality to the Christ in every person and to see through the facts to the good in every situation.

God, let me realize that as Strength I am steadfast in thinking Truth no matter the facts. I am steadfast in speaking Truth, no matter the conversation. I am steadfast in acting on Truth, no matter the situation.

I remember that I am Strength, so like eagles pick off and release their old feathers, I pick off and release all things that I no longer need. I let go and move away from all people and things that are not for my highest good and that would hold me back from flying high.

I recall that I am Strength. I shall run and not get weary! I shall run to reach my desires and not get weary. I shall run to serve you, God, and not get weary. I shall live a life of purpose and not get weary. I shall run to my victory, and not get weary.

I realize, once again, that I am Strength. I shall walk and not faint. I shall walk through financial challenges holding steadfast to the Truth of my unlimited substance. I shall walk through relationship difficulties holding steadfast to the Truth that I am love attracting harmony, peace and joy in my life. I shall walk through any experience of cancer, diabetes, or any so-called diagnosis or dis-ease, even through the valley of the shadow of death holding steadfast to the Truth that I am health, and life is forever!

Thank you, God, for my renewed realization of my Strength!

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

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