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A New Start to the Art

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

It is a good time to start something new in life and a great time to cleanse the mind and release all that stuff that has accumulated over the past year or even over years. Let us affirm right now to relinquish the old and give “a new start to the art”. To awaken the artist spirit within requires guidance through prayer, meditation and thanksgiving for the creative Art to Start.

This is the month of November, and we celebrate this month as the month of Renunciation and Release. To Renunciate means to formally reject a thing. To Release is to let that thing go completely. Let’s be honest, the ultimate goal is to release the things that are not for our highest good and give a clear vision for the Start of the creative Art.

One of the most overlooked things that interferes with a clear and pure vision is Forgiveness. When we are planning a creative move, we only think of creating, but to create a masterpiece, we must Love ourselves first. To Love ourselves, we must Forgive and release all unwanted thoughts that keep us from creating. Love is the start of something big. Loving oneself is the first step in the creative start. Chaka Khan says once you get started, it’s very hard to stop. When love is on the horizon of the start, the art pours beauty all over the canvas of life.

To love oneself starts by removing all thoughts that interfere with Love. We can stop that inner negative talk and ask for forgiveness for having those talks. Real Love is free of fear and pours itself out upon its affection without demanding any in return. The Creator is LOVE and LOVE is the strongest magnetic force in the universe.

So, remember, the first step in forgiveness is the awareness that you must forgive- Start with forgiving yourself. You are the creator of thoughts that make the things that form into your life. Then Forgive by changing the way you think about a thing. Exchange error thinking for the blessed thinking of good and very good thoughts.

It may take moments to clear the path, or it may take months or years to clear the path. There are no time limits to the start and the time is Right NOW!

The work that must be done for clear vision is in our communing with the Divine Power within each of us. We pray to affirm the “a new start to the art”. In meditation we see the art start and in thanksgiving and praise we are thankful for what the creator has manifested onto the canvas of our lives. Affirm the color, the size and the shape and meditate on the command for the start to begin. Be thankful for whatever the results may be because as we demonstrate our asking, we realize the Power of the Divine Presence.

Resting within us right now is the start to a beautiful work of ART. With this awareness, we now move in Prayer and affirm the release of all misunderstandings to start a pure love fest with ourselves. We affirm that Loving oneself will clear consciousness of all fear and doubt and will open a space to forgive ourselves and then to forgive others. And when that is done, we can Love everything and everyone and start the Art with pure Spiritual love, on a clear canvas of life. The creation will speak Spiritual Love, Peace and Harmony.

NOW manifest this beautiful work of ART as YOU!!!

And so it is!!


by Pamela Murphy

Pamela Murphy is a New Thought teacher licensed in 2019 by The Power Circle Institute. For the past few years, Pam has served as a wonderfully effective Team Member of The GOLD Rush Women's Conference Team. Additionally she has been a successful voice over artist and a licensed barber.

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